Malala the Survivor:

How a Girl Spoke out Against the Taliban
By Alex Hambrick

                                     Table of Contents

1. Malala's childhood picture.

2. Malala's Childhood (Descriptive Form).

3. a graphic organizer for Malala's childhood paragraph

4. A picture of Malala getting the Nobel Peace prize.

5. Malala's Career (Problem Solution Text Structure).

6. a graphic organizer for Malala's career paragraph

7. A picture of the Pakistan school that I created using Active Inspire.

8. Malala's Education sequence.

9. the graphic organizer for Malala's education

10. Map of Pakistan.

This is Malala at a young age sitting with her brother Atal (in white).

                                    Malala's Childhood (Descriptive Form)

Malala was born in Mingora in Pakistan. She has two brothers. One of them is named Khushal which is the oldest brother but younger than Malala. Her youngest brother is named Atal. Malala’s brother Khushal annoys her a lot and they sometimes fight. Her brother Atal annoys her a lot less and they don’t fight. Her dad owns a school for girls witch is rare in Pakistan. To Malala school is heaven and she loves to learn. She especially likes to be the best at school. When a new girl gets first place in a competition she gets very upset.

this is my graphic orginizer
Malala Getting her Nobel peace prize

                              Malala's Career (Problem Solution Text Structure)

Malala got the idea to speak against the Taliban because her father spoke up against them. She also spoke against the Taliban because they were taking away her right to go to school. She was mad at them for trying to take away her education. Even after they stopped trying to take away girls' rights she kept talking out against the Taliban. Malala's talks about girls' right to education helped drive the Taliban out of Pakistan

this is the graphic orginizer for Malala's career
i made this it is a pakistasn school

                                      Malala's Education (Chronological)

Malala went to a Holy Quran school when she was five years old. When she was seven years old, Malala started going to the school that her father owned. Malala loved to read and learn science. The school was called Khushal School. Her father also owned two high schools-one for boys and one for girls. Malala’s relatives were not educated unless they were boys. A lot of men disagreed with girls getting education. The men also were mad that the boys and girls entered the school through the same gates. But the men did not know that their daughters and nieces also went to the Khushal School in secret.

this is the graphic orginizer for Malala's education

                             Definitions/ index

Mingora  - A city in Pakistan

Holy Quran - The Muslim holy book that Pakistani children study

Taliban - They are a terrorist group that opposes the education of girls.


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this is a map of pkistan from google images

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I like your feature of the Pakistan high school. My favorite paragraph is the chronological paragraph. -Jack O'Neal

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I like how your really discriped Malala and the school that she went to.~Michael Albanese

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Michael Bailey- I learned that she went to the school that her dad owned! Cooool!