4 Secrets of success for male fashion models

Modeling is all about being tall and smart, right?

Wrong. Height and looks are important, but top notch male Indian models understand that modeling is so much more than just being 6-inch tall and having charismatic features. What also needed is a powerful portfolio that could immediately convince the agencies and film makers that you’d excel in the roles they have to offer.

It all begins with a great portfolio!

Whether you’re a struggling male model or a seasoned one, you cannot do without a portfolio that brings out your very best version for the agencies to look at. So, my advice is, ‘invest in getting your fashion portfolio built’.

Local photographers are good for getting photos clicked on birthday parties or passport size photos. But when it comes to your career in fashion industry, you better not rely on their skills. Look out for top fashion photographers in India who understand this industry from inside out and can help you get a portfolio that can help you win modeling assignments.

Reach out to those who matter most

Networking works like magic! You never know a friend of someone who’s connected to you on a fashion site may get to know about you through this connection and then contact you for some auditions or assignments. Life acts strange sometimes. So be prepared and get yourself registered on some leading fashion sites.

Several of these sites also let you post your photos online and reach out to fashion designers,  top fashion photographers in India and male & female models at a click of a button.

Commit to what you say

Many male Indian models that I know personally lost out on some very fantastic assignments just because they failed to show up on appointed time. If you tell the other person that you’ll reach the studio at 2 pm, reach there by 2 pm. A charming face alone won’t be able to take you far.

Invest in your mental, physical, and spiritual development

For the outsiders, fashion modeling is all about easy money and partying. But being a male fashion model, you know what kind of efforts you need to excel in this industry, right? It is, therefore, of paramount important that you continually invest in your mental, physical and spiritual development. You have to look great, but before that, you have to feel great, right? And this would come from a trained mind and body. Be it working out in the gym, or Yoga, or aerobics, or cycling or whatever suits you, take out some time every day to better yourself.

Want to take your modeling career to another level? Meet people in your industry often and get back to them often so they do not forget you. Grow your network. Get yourself a powerful portfolio built by a professional photographer. For more incisive insights on how male Indian models and even Indian female models can reach to the top, read our other articles and stay tuned for the future posts.