Our 2007 Trip to Lesotho

Volume 6

In 2007, my wife and I spent 2 months on a "service holiday" in The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa.  Below are several posts and pics from that trip describing our work and experiences, made possible by generous donations from our friends and family.

August 17, 2007


Megan and I are finally back home in Cleveland, though hardly settled.  Our return to the Midwest has been a tougher adjustment than our trip to Africa.  Far from the simple lifestyle we enjoyed in Malealea, we now face the "requirements" of daily life in the US, and a city like Cleveland - multiple cars, gainful employment, a place to live, and free WiFi wherever possible.  However, when I take a newspaper to the bathroom these days, it's for reading purposes only.  So not everything is a drag. 

This email is meant to give one more "thank you" to all of you who have been so generous.  Your donations totaled over $13,500!  I've also attached a picture of the (almost) complete Sechaba Market.  Merchants will begin using these stalls this month, as the tourist season begins.  We hope that this will prove successful, so that we can expand the market and give more merchants a chance to earn income for their families.

Finally, I'd like to revisit the goals for our trip, that we set out in April:

1. To enjoy rich experiences and grow together as individuals;
2. To learn as much as possible about the community's needs and resources, while considering the delicate challenges of funding sustainable projects, so that we can put these funds to the best use possible;
3. Develop a lasting relationship with the local community, that will likely bring us back for many years to come; and
4. To grow a respectable beard (Me, not Meg)

We definitely accomplished goals 1 and 3.  As for number 2, only time will tell if our contributions have made a lasting impact on the community.  I'll let you be the judge on number 4.

Many thanks and much love,

Hatta and Meg

Our Generous Supporters

  • Amol & Ursula Sarva
  • Andrew Blachman & Galya Reuter
  • Andy & Mary Nickerson
  • Ben Hatta
  • Beth & George Panstares
  • Beth & Ty Grossman
  • Bobby & Jackie Douglas
  • Brad & Nicole Davies
  • Bryan Vaniman
  • Carl Peterson & Heather Dowling
  • Carrie & Brian Cason
  • Christi & Brian White
  • Cindy Gilmore
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