What it does to us

This is what is happening in our world. At the rate we are going it will turn out very bad.

Here is some facts about pollution.

80% of the ocean pollution is plastic. That tells you we are using far to much plastic.

There are 5 big gyres in the world that pull in the pollution.

Plastic breaks down into little pieces over the years and it gets smaller and smaller. If you eat an marine animal it may contain the plastic toxics in its body. When a bottle goes on its journey  to the 5 gyres it might get eaten when its on its way.

When toxics go into the water the water gets evaporated and come down as acid rain. People used to think that because the ocean is so huge it could manage all the rubbish. Plastic is the biggest problem in the ocean. Over 1 million sea birds are killed each year by ocean pollution and that is only sea birds. Toxic metals can destroy the biochemistry, behaviour, reproduction, and growth in marine life.

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