Management Profiles - Investigators and Security Consultants - LTD & Associates

Lloyd Vaughan and Ty Watts are the principals of LTD & Associates Inc. They founded the company and their partnership in order to provide clients with investigative and security services based on their combined expertise and knowledge in their specialized fields. Through meticulously managing and coordinating each undertaking, they have been able to ensure positive results, client satisfaction and have built a proven success record.

The partners have collaborated on a book entitled "Intuitive Security For Women", published by Burman Books.

Lloyd Vaughan

– Managing Partner, Investigations


During his career with a major municipal police service, Lloyd specialized in criminal investigations which included fraud, theft, robbery and homicide. He gained an in-depth knowledge of investigation techniques leading to a secondment with the RCMP Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit where he coordinated national and international organized crime investigations.

Through ongoing study and educational courses available to him through a variety of venues, Lloyd continues to remain updated on the latest investigation techniques.

By nurturing relationships with a myriad of contacts in Canada, the USA and Europe, Lloyd has been able to maintain open communications with many colleagues and their agencies. He consults with and accepts speaking engagements on investigative topics and security issues to international groups.

Lloyd's contribution to LTD & Associates Inc. is in the area of investigation services. He is familiar with the methodology required to investigate cases of corporate fraud, location of hidden assets, risk analysis and copyright infringements. He is familiar with state-of-the-art open and covert security technology and can apply this knowledge to evaluate client needs and make subsequent recommendations on equipment requirements, installation and location.

Lloyd is also experienced in VIP security, having graduated from VIP Protection courses with the RCMP and U.S. Secret Service.

Tyrone (Ty) Watts

– Managing Partner, Security & Special Events


Ty had a successful career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He enhanced his knowledge and skills through a progression of specialized positions in sections such as Security, Immigration and Passport, Customs and Excise and on the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. He was afforded the opportunity to become an expert in the field of planning and orchestrating the operations to meet the security needs for government events and for VIPs based on personal requirements and itineraries. His proficiency culminated in the responsibility for ensuring security for two Prime Ministers and their visiting dignitaries.

During his tenure with the RCMP, he was able to build solid relationships with members of provincial and national agencies.

He has remained current on investigation issues through professional development courses in Investigation Techniques, VIP Security and Case Administration and Management.

In recent years, Ty has been able to offer his services as Security Coordinator for both Provincial and Federal government political parties and has managed fraud investigations for the insurance industry.

Ty's contribution to LTD & Associates Inc. is in the area of personal and event security. He is able to provide his expertise to the private sector by coordinating and managing related agencies and police forces to ensure the safety and security for corporate, government and celebrity events. Ty also consults on the unique security issues of a variety of corporate clients and formulates recommendations for their specific needs.