Manasicha Chitrakaar Toh

A New Marathi TV Show on STAR Pravah

With Hindi TV shows gaining in popularity, this has not stopped regional language channels to stop producing entertaining shows. Marathi TV shows too enjoy their own number of viewers across the country, with many shows being launched.

One of the latest Marathi shows to be telecast on STAR Pravah is Manasicha Chitrakaar Toh which went on air during the end of March, 2014. This show is telecast on STAR Pravah from Monday to Saturday at a fixed time-slot of 7 PM. It is a romantic serial is a love story between an ambitious small-town girl, Tejaswini Ravi Desai, who wants to become an IPS officer and Vihaan Digambar Raut, a very simple guy who is looking for his companionship with Tejaswini.

While Tejaswini is extremely ambitious and is constantly working on her goal to become an IPS soldier, Vihaan will not be able to fulfil his dream of companionship if he does not allow Tejaswini to follow her dream career. However, at the same time, he also needs to look after his mother and find a balance between the two. They both need to make sacrifices for each other, if they are to be married. In the entire process, however they fall in love with each other.

So, now Vihaan has the choice to help Tejaswini pursue her dream career, while he also paints his own dreams into a reality. Love and compromise are two of the strongest components that are weaved beautifully through this Marathi serial. During current times, where women are no longer expected to be only homemakers, but are encouraged to have their own career this story can directly relate to the woman of today's age.

The show has been directed by Shailesh Shirsekar, while the producer for the show is Anuj Saxena. In fact, this show is the actor turned producer's second Marathi venture as a producer. Rutwikk Kendre and Akshaya Gurav are depicting the lead roles as Vihaan Digambar Raut and Tejaswini Ravi Desai. Other actors and actresses from the show include Atisha Naik, Lekha Mukund, Milind Phatak, Aashish Kulkarni and Gayatri Deshmukh. This show has in fact been inspired from the popular Hindi TV series, Diya Aur Baati Hum.