Mandeep Ghumman

Presodent of Healthypets, Inc, Pet

About Mandeep Ghumman

A veterinarian and entrepreneur with a professional history spanning more than a decade, Dr. Mandeep Ghumman currently serves as CEO and Founder of HealthyPets, Inc., in Union City, California. Before establishing this successful online venture and other manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses, Dr. Ghumman laid solid foundations for his career while an undergraduate at the University of California (UC), Berkeley. From September 1988 through June 1992, Dr. Mandeep Ghumman pursued studies in a wide range of topics at UC Berkeley, ultimately concentrating on molecular and cell biology and receiving his Bachelor’s degree in those fields. An outstanding student, he graduated with honors.

Dr. Mandeep Ghumman subsequently gained admission to the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the largest and top-ranked veterinary schools in the United States. For the next four years, Dr. Ghumman studied all facets of veterinary practice at UC Davis, building a strong record of achievement in both classroom and clinical settings. Upon receipt of his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in June 1997, Dr. Mandeep Ghumman embarked on a highly diversified career as both a practicing veterinarian and an Internet entrepreneur.

After founding HealthyPets, Inc., an online retailer of pet products, in 1999, Dr. Mandeep Ghumman had to balance his busy veterinary practice, the new Internet business, and time with his wife and children. Devoting himself as appropriate to HealthyPets, Inc., he quickly positioned the firm as a leader in its field. With the overall mission of manufacturing, distributing, and selling various products to keep pets healthy and happy, Dr. Ghumman ensures that all HealthyPets, Inc., products meet the highest standards of quality. The site features flea and tick medications, nutritional supplements, vaccines, pet supplies, toys, and much more. Though it specializes in products for cats and dogs, HealthyPets also maintains a rich store of food, medicines, and supplies for birds, fish, ferrets, horses, and other animals. To read more about the products and services Dr. Mandeep Ghumman offers through HealthyPets, please visit the company website,