The Study of a Heresy

By Peggy Palsgard and Gabby La Chapelle :)


St. Augustine of Hippo was once a part of the Manichaeism religion.

Manichists teach that parts of the Bible are right but many are wrong.

They believe that creation was incidental and not deemed by God

The Manichaeism religion believed that the human is essentially a battleground between two equal forces, good and evil. The soul is good and the body is evil.

The omnipotence of God is an integral part of the Christian faith, however this is not part of Manichaeism. Manichaeism states that there are two equal powers in the world, good and evil. Each person has a good soul, but an evil body. The destination of the person and the type of life they live depends on whether they let the body or the soul win.

Theology of the Body states that not only is the soul good, but the body, when used properly, is also good. Our bodies can be used to show God’s love and be a clear indicator of what he has done for us. If we use our bodies sinfully, however, then we are making not only our bodies, but our souls, full of sin.

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