Manipulated Double

By sirenade

Prompt: Cave Johnson secretly became Doug Rattmann


It was his secretary's idea. Over several cups of coffee, she suggested going into hiding, since the GLaDOS project was not going well. It appeared that the AI was making threats to the scientists, and could potentially shut down the entire facility.

“But I have big plans for GLaDOS!”

“And those plans of yours may wreck the entire company.”

After much arguing and manipulation, he was convinced. __________________________________________________________

It was decided that he was to be called Doug Rattmann, and would pretend to have schizophrenia. The medicines he would have to take were actually pills to combat his cancer, and also made him immune to the neurotoxin the company put into the air conditioning system for some reason. There was also an assigned job waiting for him as a draftsman of the upcoming ASHPD. Cave Johnson would take a break from his job as CEO on the pretense of dealing with his cancer.


Cave Johnson turned out to have quite the aptitude for his new job, and was quite satisfied with the final design of the ASHPD. After all, he helped design it!


If you pretend to be someone, and you believe in what you are pretending to be, you’ll eventually become your disguise. Cave Johnson’s cancer manifested in a different way than expected. He started to develop schizophrenia, and the pills that once only had to combat cancer also had to combat schizophrenia.


Soon, he began to change his mind about having his brain imported into the GLaDOS project. He faked his death, and had his secretary be put into GLaDOS instead. He later regretted his decision, lamenting while running from the AI he helped to create.

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