Mansour Jabalameli Is A Professional Member Of IEEE And IEEE Computer Society

Mansour Jabalameli is a professional member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world's largest professional association which is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence to benefit the humanity. Its members are those people who are scientists, allied professionals, and engineers, which include computer scientists, IT professionals, medical doctors, physicists, and software developers. Mans Jabal, being an expert in IT and networking field, is one of the members of IEEE. IEEE, along with its members, inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, technology standards, professional and educational activities, and conferences. Dedicated, wise and passionate computer science expert with a very strong dedication to work, Mans Jabal definitely shines in a fast-paced environment.

Jabalameli is a professional member of IEEE Computer Society also. This is a professional society of IEEE. The scope and purpose of this society is - to advance the theory, practice as well as application of computer and information processing science and technology; and professional standing of its members. The members of this society have many opportunities to network with the big technology professionals of the world so as to lead the community by volunteering and mentoring, and to gain exposure and contribute to the field as reviewers and authors.

Mansour Jabalameli has professional membership of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Also, he is an active member of British Computer Society (BCS). He has been continuously awarded, recognized and certified by many of the international bodies and firms actively involved in Information Technology industry such as Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Computing Technology Industry Association and many more. He has got IT Training Awards: ExecuTrain Certified Instructor (ECI) and High-Tech Certified IT Trainer (HTCITT).

Mansour Jabalameli is a network solutions architect that has helped companies in different parts of the world to build resilient and robust network infrastructures such as data centers, wide area networks and co-location centers. He is a fantastic person to work with. Mansour Jabalameli is a open minded and goal oriented CCIE certified network architect with the ability to make right and sometimes bold decisions. Very good person, has no problem to work hard when necessary. His big background and skills in IT industry can be an example for everyone. Motivated, open minded and excellent, Mansour denotes a strong experience in areas such as cloud computing, network virtualization and network architecture.

The family background of Mans Jabal suggests that his father was ethnically Persian-Lebanese from the recent generation of Sheikh Bahaii, the Lebanese scholar, philosopher, architect, mathematician, astronomer and poet, who was invited to Persia in 16th century. His family name Jabalameli refers to his family heritage originated from Jabal Amel, Lebanon. They benefit from an elite reputation in theology, science and medicine.

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