Mansour Jabalameli Has worked as Senior Network Architect at Prosoft Technology Group, an “Inc 500 Company”

Mansour Jabalameli, an expert in network architecture, has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications and networking field. He has worked with many large corporations, Inc 500 corporations and fortune 500 companies throughout his career. He has also worked as Senior Network Architect at Prosoft Technology Group for two years. Prosoft Technology Group is an Inc 500 company and one of the leading IT/IS consulting companies in the United States of America which offers technology services mainly to Fortune 500 companies. Mans Jabal worked on several enterprise and service provider networking projects. He worked on BGP/ISIS/OSPF Route Optimization, BGP peer communication, Next Hop and Peering Issues, Troubleshooting of BGP route that will not install in the routing table, MP-BGP and MPLS Network Implementation, Label Switching Router (LSR), Label Switched Path (LSP), Service Provider SLA Setup and QoS and Performance Tuning of the Infrastructure benefiting from Modular QoS command-line (MQC) and Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR), SNMP Management, Trapping and controlling events through Rmon, managing firewalls and deep packet inspections, and SLA setup and monitoring. He also worked on scheduling managed maintenance and upgrade, Traffic behavior and flow analysis, and MPLS QoS design and Implementation along with reporting and event logging. The equipment were mostly XR 12000 and 7200/7500/7600 series routers.

Some of the main projects that Mans Jabalameli has done are:

  • Multi-tenant Data Center Architecture
  • Cisco Catalyst to Nexus Switching Migration
  • Data Center DMZ Re-Architecture
  • Cloud Computing and Network Virtualization using Cisco Nexus 7000/5500/5000/2200/2000 Switches
  • Inter and Intra Data Center Multicasting Design and Implementation
  • Network Infrastructure Integration as a result of Acquisition
  • Banking Network Infrastructure Remediation and Standardization
  • Designing and planning for Internet Capacity Upgrade using Cisco ASR Routers and XE-OS
  • Non-disruptive NX-OS In Service Software Upgrades on Data Center Gears
  • Bank Internet Carrier Hotel and Colocation Center Feasibility Study
  • DDoS Attack mitigation strategy and design with tier one security companies to protect banking network

In some other projects, Mans Jabal was responsible for implementing the multilayer switching infrastructure to build up the whole campus network using Cisco Catalyst and Nexus 7010/7018/5000/2000 switches. Some of the other network architecture projects that Mans Jabal has worked on are:

  • Designing Global WAN Infrastructure using MPLS VPN Solutions and EIGRP/BGP routing design
  • Designing Inter Data Center VPN and Enabling Multicast Traffic across
  • Modular Data Center Design and Implementation using Cisco and Juniper Technologies
  • Data Center Migration from Cisco Catalyst to Nexus Switching Infrastructure (7K/5K/2K)
  • Network Virtualization Architecture using vPC, VSS, eVPC, VDC, VRF using Cisco Nexus 7000/5500/5000/2200/2000 Switches and 6500 Catalyst switches
  • Device Hardening and Defining Device Standards for the Banking Network
  • Optimizing Network Performance for the International Financial Network
  • Secure VPN Design and Implementation for International Branches using Juniper SRX, Juniper SSG and ASA firewalls

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