Manuel Rivero Jr.

Executive Management at Airstream Services Corporation

About Manuel Rivero Jr.

Manuel Rivero Jr. of Miami, Florida, is a human resources and accounting professional who speaks fluent Spanish and English. Rivero holds degrees in accounting and taxation from Florida International University in the Miami suburb of Coral Gables. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the financial and human resources industries. Manuel Rivero Jr. currently handles executive-level human resources management for Airstream Services Corporation, a firm based in Coral Gables.

At Airstream, Manuel Rivero Jr. oversees retirement plans, payroll systems, retirement plans, and insurance plans for clients in the international aviation industry. He builds on his previous experience as an accountant and consultant with Rivero and Associates, also based in Coral Gables. In the past, he has completed tax compliance audits for corporate and individual clients, created compliance reports for aviation companies based in foreign countries, and advised clients on issues related to retirement plans, insurance, and human resources laws and regulations. Manuel Rivero Jr. has also traveled extensively from Miami to Central and South America in order to conduct compliance training for clients in their home countries.

Manuel Rivero Jr. maintains membership in several professional organizations related to his work with the airline industry. He belongs to the Asociación Internacional de Transporte Aéreo, also known as the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In his spare time, Rivero enjoys playing basketball, biking, and spending time with his family. He collects classic cars and travels internationally. He supports Goodwill Industries, a nonprofit dedicated to providing education and job training to people who are unemployed. He donates to Miami community and national organizations, such as the Humane Society. He has participated in the Walk by Faith fundraiser, which raises money to support Michael Cardoso, a Florida resident who is wheelchair-bound.

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