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Task #1
Analytics;  View the Analytics from the Mix that was used as bell work so that teachers understand what is available to them.

Task #2
Insert Office Mix (or at least look at how in case you get back to your room and it is not on your computer)  and an App into your mix options.

Task 2 Details:
Download Office mix from; https://mix.office.com  
Apps are accessible from the same location as Quizzes. They are a part of the Microsoft App Store.

Task #3
Insert a video from online or the desktop

Task 3 Details:
Participants need to insert video from the Insert Tab in PowerPoint. **Online video cannot be inserted from the Mix Tab**

Task # 4
Questions can be added from either the Insert Tab (Store) or Mix Tab. On the Mix Tab participants will click on the Quizzes and Video Apps icon.

Task 4 Details:
Once you choose a question type you can then enter the question and choose from the available options based on the question type shown **You cannot add images or video to the question, however you can add them to the slide and put the question next to them**

Task # 5
Insert a Slide Recording; recordings cannot be put on slides that have video on them.

Task 5 Details:
* Choose an existing slide that you can interact with. (Maybe it is just text and an image)
* On the Mix Tab choose Slide Recording.
* Participants can choose to turn the camera on or off. If the camera is turned on you can move the video of yourself anywhere on the screen.
* Step 1: click on the record button, stop button is next to the record button.
* To advance slides use the arrows, if a slide has animations then the Star arrow will be highlighted.

**Best practice is to do a recording for each slide individually**
* You can turn slide notes on if you have them typed in.
* Inking: When slide recording is in process you can use the inking menu to annotate on the slide.

Task # 6
Insert a Screen Recording (optional task for teachers)

Task 6 Details:

* A screen recording is different from a slide recording in that you are recording everything that is occurring on the desktop.
*You can record either the entire screen or a region of the screen
* To stop recording the screen hit Windows Logo Key + Shift + Q

Task # 7
Uploading your Mix to mix.office.com and reviewing settings

Task 7 Details:
* On the Mix Tab choose Upload to Mix
* Notice that you can create a new mix or update an existing mix
* Do not check enable playback unless you are 100% sure you want this. It significantly extends the upload time
* Once the upload process is finished you can go straight to your mix

Comment Stream

6 months ago

Thanks, Tina! I will be using Office Mix to create interactive PowerPoints that the students can use for things like instrument care and assembly, honor band tryout steps, and some questions for assessments.

6 months ago

This was awesome. I will use Office Mix to help reteach CFA and classroom content. Students can take watch at home exactly what we talked about in class.