Marc Siegel - Experienced Spa Innovator

Many professionals speak to the idea of exceeding client/employer expectations, though very few are able to consistently deliver the innovation, business acumen, and insight needed to consistently do so. Marc Siegel, 20 year spa, fitness and wellness solutions professional, has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to numerous high-profile clients, companies and colleagues throughout his career, producing the cutting-edge spa and fitness facility concepts and services that have “blown client expectations out of the water”.

Marc Siegel, a spa and fitness industry veteran, is driven to empower every client/employer with the opportunity to exceed their guest’s expectations, and to provide each with the innovative concepts, programming, and profitability they need to remain competitive and successful for many years to come. His fitness, spa and wellness projects, created, developed and operated for some of the most successful and notable names in the hospitality field, have garnered clients 15 highly-coveted and sought-after Condè Nast awards, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to excellence, as well the experience, skill, talent and capability to achieve a superlative level of service and performance at every possible opportunity.

One of Siegel’s notable accomplishments was his ability to propel the Create Space for Exercise brand platform recognition for Costco Wholesale by obtaining the world’s fastest growing brand of strength and cardio equipment, known as Sports Art Fitness. He collaborated with the company in both mainland China and Taiwan.

Not only has spa operations expert Marc Siegel been responsible for some of the most noteworthy and cutting-edge facilities in the hospitality industry, he has also provided many top Fortune 500 companies, including such notable names as IBM, INTEL, AMERICAN EXPRESS and more with unique spa/recreation attendee programming services. In providing this platform, Mr. Siegel liaised with the DOM/DOS in the solicitation of their properties to such groups. This was done using the Spa, Fitness, Wellness, and Recreational offerings as a differentiator between their properties and other resorts/hotels then being considered by planners. He has also enjoyed the chance to work closely with NBC and ABC in their production of “The SUPERSTARS”, a special appearing on both networks and the NFL for special programming with their “Properties Division” during Super-bowls in Miami, Florida.

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