Marco Kozlowski

Innovative Strategies for Risk-Averse Entrepreneu

About Marco Kozlowski

A veteran entrepreneur, Marco Kozlowski guides companies in sectors as diverse as technology, real estate, fashion, and health care. He became involved in real estate in his late 20s, when he was a nearly bankrupt musician struggling to provide for four children. Watching a late-night infomercial changed his life by pointing him toward ways of earning significant money with minimal risk. Marco Kozlowski gained skill in identifying deals on well-situated, moderately priced homes and acquired more than 100 properties. After a number of setbacks and learning experiences in the “school of hard knocks,” he found that auctions constituted an ideal platform for selling properties. Today he utilizes a proven, self-developed strategy for sourcing, purchasing, and selling U.S. luxury homes at no personal financial risk.

Mr. Kozlowski focuses his current efforts on business consulting and offers clients solutions that span operations, automation, and systems engineering. His proprietary approaches enable him to create multi-million-dollar enterprises with no need for third-party financing or investment. Marco Kozlowski’s system is underpinned by his ebook Wealth: The Formula, the Secret to Real Financial Freedom, which is available at no cost to those who access his training services.

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