Genghis Khan is a Monster

Genghis Khan has left a negative legacy for the world to be disgusted by.

  • Khan would allow his soldiers to carry out unspeakable horrors such as, “cutting off ears, skinning people alive, roasting people alive, impaling people, and rape and killing of all women.”
  • Besides that, he would torture his enemies. Some of these tortures include pouring “molten silver” in their ears to die a slow painful death, or “sewing them into carpets, then trampling them with his own horses.

An important feature of a political leader is how they deal with foreign peoples.  The foreign policy of Mongol's most ruthless leader, is the definition of a mass genocide.  Genghis Khan would "kill every human being he encountered."  The foreigners that would survive, mostly women, would be raped and be used as slave labor.

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