Undergraduate Margaret Loughren Studies for a Career in Counseling

Currently an undergraduate student at Western Washington University (WWU) in Bellingham, Washington, Margaret Loughren plans on completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She anticipates continuing her academic training through graduate school with the aspiration of working as a college mental health counselor. During her first semester at WWU, Margaret Loughren ranked among the top 10 percent of her class in academic performance and earned nomination to the President’s List.

Before enrolling at WWU, Ms. Loughren attended Gig Harbor High School (GHHS), where she took several AP courses, received induction to National Honor Society, and graduated with honors. While in high school, she worked for a month as an assistant teacher at Kopachuck Middle School, as well as tutored eighth-grade Kopachuck students for her senior project. Margaret Loughren also served as vice president of the GHHS chapter of the REACH/WAYS Club, the volunteer high school program of REACH, an HIV/AIDS support organization.

An outdoors enthusiast, Ms. Loughren enjoys hiking at locations across the Pacific Northwest, including trails on Mount Rainier and Mount Baker in the Cascade Range and on paths in the Sehome Hill Arboretum neighboring the WWU campus. Having studied piano for several years when she was younger, she plays both classical compositions and piano renditions of pop tunes.

The Many Wonders of Mount Rainier

Margaret Loughren is a student at Western Washington University. She ranked among the top 10 percent of her class during her first semester at the school, making the president's list. When she is not studying, Margaret Loughren enjoys hiking local trails and mountains, such as Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier is a National Park located in Bellingham, Washington. The mountain, an active volcano with an elevation exceeding 14,400 feet, is open year-round to visitors. Tourism peaks in July and August when the park’s wildflowers are in bloom. Individuals interested in day hiking can arrive at the park at their leisure, though it can be helpful to visit the National Park Service (NPS) website to check live trail and weather conditions. Any party planning an overnight stay at Mount Rainier must first secure a permit.

The many hiking trails and wildflower meadows are just a few of the natural attractions that draw visitors to Mount Rainier. With six major rivers, the mountain stands as the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. The volcano’s foothills, meanwhile, are swamped in dense forests teeming with unique wildlife. To learn more about the mountain, visit www.nps.org and search for Mount Rainier, or visit www.visitrainier.com.