Margaret Mary Tobin

From High School to College to Workforce

About Margaret Mary Tobin

Before enrolling in college, Margaret Mary Tobin worked as a lifeguard at the Centennial Family Aquatics Center in Wilmette, Illinois. She became a head lifeguard and supervisor responsible for the training and certification of nearly 80 applicants in 2011 and almost 60 more the next year. She created the schedule, managed the rotations, and implemented emergency procedures, as well. Entering Marquette University as a freshman in 2010, Ms. Tobin was awarded the school’s Ignatius Scholarship for her scholastic excellence in high school. If she maintains good academic standing, this award will renew for each of her eight semesters as an undergraduate at the school.

Studying marketing and business, Margaret Mary Tobin recently interned at AXA Advisors’ Milwaukee office. She worked there as an assistant for a retirement benefits specialist. She also has professional experience as a marketing and communications associate for a financial education start-up known as SaVonk.

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