Marion Griltz

Accomplished Dallas Customer Service Professional Marion Griltz

About Marion Griltz

Utilizing more than 15 years of experience attending to customer needs, Marion Griltz works as a customer support supervisor with CaPRock Communications in Dallas. Self-motivated, she addresses matters ranging from performance reviews to coaching fellow team members. Early in her career, Marion Griltz served the Armtech System Corporation, where she facilitated communication between the marketing and sales departments as well as personally assisted the global vice president of the company's intermodal and rail sales division.

After leaving Armtech, Marion Griltz joined Agilend Technologies as a district associate with a field sales office in Richardson, Texas. While there, she played a key role in implementing creative business development presentations that promoted team unity and ultimately led to revenue gains totaling more than $100 million over 48 months.

Griltz belongs to several environmental and animal welfare groups, including the National Geographic Society, the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, and the Animal Rescue Club. When not working, she enjoys traveling throughout the United States and reading classic mystery novels.

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