Mario Party 10

Welcome to Mario Party 10

Main Goal:In this game you have to collect as many stars as you can before going vs the boss.

Side Goals

Side Goals: Your side goals are to battle each other or the (com) and will stars form what you have done, but it just mean to have fun.


Their are items that will help you in the games.Those items are more then the dice you all way use. Those dice are thing that and slow the dice and many more as you play the game.


Spaces are like getting a curtain paper out of a stake of color paper. They are like power up but they can go against or with you .

The reason why I don't show pic is that i don't want to be a spoiler to other so kept in mind I am sorry but it just that or you can think that as a surprise.  

Bower Mode

In Bower mode there is 5 peoples that can play with you.But when he catch you, you will have to play a min game of his.

Well that is all that I have to show you all I have shows are basics things you need to know how to play thank you are who are reading this.