Wonder Project                character in the spotlight olivia by: Marissa brown

                    Character's Tie to Theme

The main theme that impacted Olivia was when she learned that there will always be someone out there to protect her or care for her. That was a big impact because August was the main person in her family which made her not important. So her grandmother would always stand by her which made her feel special , but now she has died so there is no one there. So her "guardian angel" sent her Justin [her boyfriend] to care for her and be the "big bird" in her life. Also he will be her nest sense she was kicked out of her family nest when August was born. This was a word to the wiser because Justin said that there would always be someone there to stand up for her. Also that what impacted her to know that there is always someone there that will be there for her.

                      Character influences

Justin[olivia's boyfriend] was the character who had the biggest impact on Olivia , because in the Justin section, chapter  Bird he said that when she was mad her feathers would be all rufold. Though when she is sad she is a like a lost bird kicked out of the nest looking for someone to comfort her. So he said that he would be the nest or the big bird for her.Which had the biggest impact on her life beause she had not had anyone who did what Justin did since her grandmother died.  Via had the biggest impact on august ,because in the section august  chapter my cave, daisy's toys. Via is straight with August that he is a baby and is treated like a baby, and needs to grow up.The part where Olivia tells August needs to grow up is an aha moment because if I was Olivia I would have never told my little brother that he needs to  grow up because that is mean and not thinking about his feelings. Then in daisy's toys his mom is with via and his dad is crying so he goes to bed without anyone telling him to so now he is growing up.  August and Olivia's relationship is important because without Olivia ,August would still be the little,shy kid who first walked into Beecher Prep. Which got picked on and was ashamed by his face ,but with via he is proud of his face and is not ashamed. Justin and Olivia's relationship is important because without them together Via wouldn't have any one to care for her , and  would be all alone like before.The notice and note sign post is aha moment because how without each other their lives would be awful. For an example Olivia without Justin in her life she would be shy and lonely for ever. Though with him in her life she is proud and stood up for herself and also came friends wither her ex-best friend again.Another example is how august without Via saying she that he was a baby and needed to grow up. He would be that small little kid that is screamed at because of his face. Though with Via he is grown up and is proud of his face.

                  Art Representation

This painting is called Crown Jewel and it is by Anastasia Czerniakiewicz

The rose reminds me of Olivia because it is sweet gentle and new to the world. It is also just blooming and so is Olivia. You would think that she [Olivia] would have already bloomed but because of August who is the wall blocked the sun and the rain which made her get smaller and smaller. Now that Justin is there Olivia is just now getting sunlight and water because August is now moving out of the way. This relats to  tough question because Justin had to deside to help Olivia, and Olivia had to decide if she wanted to be  brave and tell August to move and let her get sunlight and water. They both had tough questions that they had to overcome and decide on what to do to make things better.

                  Character Analysis Video