Mark Remley: Valitar

Mark Remley is a San Diego businessman who has displayed an immense amount of business sense as well as a passion for success. He is also a skilled horseback rider who gained all of his most crucial talents in that sport from his equestrian wife, Tatyana Remley, who also inspired him to implement his business skills into creating a unique kind of horse show with her. The result was Valitar, a heart-stopping display of daring acrobatics mixed in with the elegance and uniform nature of classic dressage riding.

Upon it’s opening in November of 2012, Mark and Tatyana Remley’s Valitar got a write-up in FINE Magazine that increased their appeal to spectators, giving them ample praise on their unique show. As stated in the article, “Valitar’s props include a 9-foot tall iron horse and a 20-foot tall trampoline wall measuring over 28 feet, created by Parker Brothers Concepts. The iron horse will incorporate stunning special effects juxtaposed with contortionists and acrobatics. These breath-taking performances include a tribute to Southern California sportsmanship with mountain board bungee jumpers, a completely new concept in showmanship. And Liberty horses display natural equestrian agility at its finest, exhibiting horses directed in a natural environment. The show truly showcases a myriad of riding styles, the inherent beauty of magnificent horses, sensational special effects and exceptional human athletic capabilities.”

Mark Remley was proud to be a part of the Valitar production, and he was especially proud when being able to see Tatyana’s dreams of hosting an equestrian show come to life, and follow with the success that he helped earn.

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