Mark Cruver

Mark Cruver - Applied College Admissions Expertise

About Mark Cruver

As founder of Capstone Educational Consultants, Mark Cruver leverages more than a decade of experience in the field of higher education. Three years following his graduation from Bryan College, where he received a bachelor of arts in Christian education, he joined the staff of the College as an admissions counselor. Demonstrating a talent for the admissions process, Mark Cruver rapidly advanced through positions of increasing responsibility. He ultimately became director of admissions and enrollment management for the college, in which role he increased enrollment numbers and involved active students in the recruitment process. By the time he left Bryan College, Mr. Cruver had served there for a full decade.

After a seven-year tenure as a human resources manager in the private sector, where he gained valuable experience in personnel management and effective self-marketing, Mark Cruver returned to his passion for college recruitment. He now leads a company that takes a targeted approach to college planning for students and their families. By working closely with each student, Mr. Cruver develops an action plan for college applications and, in turn, helps to make the process more approachable.

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