Mark Dreher PhD

President and Chief Science Officer of Nutrition Science Solutions, LLC

About Mark Dreher PhD

Current President and Chief Science Officer of Nutrition Science Solutions, LLC, in Wimberley, Texas, Mark Dreher, PhD, began his vocation in the medical industry after completing an extensive course of post-secondary education. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles, he relocated to Tucson, Arizona to pursue his medical degree in 1974. Enrolling with the University of Arizona, Mark Dreher, PhD, received both his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Dr. Mark Dreher continued his post-doctoral training with a number of medical institutions across the country. Initiating his career as a Research Scientist with McGaw Laboratories, he utilized his background in nutritional science to conduct clinical research and product evaluation. He spent a brief sojourn as an Assistant Professor with North Dakota State University before serving as Principal Research Scientist with the popular food enterprise, Frito-Lay. In this position, Dr. Dreher gathered a wealth of experience developing nutritional science and analysis for a range of products, which afforded him several executive positions within the International Life Sciences Institution of North America. These include his appointment as Carbohydrate Committee Chair and Vice Chair of the Functional Foods for Health Committee.

Mark Dreher, PhD, has established a reputation as an innovative, results-driven nutritional consultant. Throughout his career, he has served with some of the food industry’s largest manufacturers, including M&M, Mars, Nabisco and Mead Johnson. He has supported clinical health studies analyzing products regarding cancer protection, cardiovascular health, sports performance, and skin care, among other characteristics. Since 2009, when he founded Nutrition Science Solutions, LLC, Dr. Mark Dreher has continued to provide consulting services for strategic food and nutritional review projects.

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