Mark Hamilton - Founder of Neothink Society

The owner of the Neothink Society, Mark Hamilton has authored many manuscripts over the course of three decades discussing topics such as health, politics, psychology, philosophy, religion, business, and self-improvement. Having sold more than 2 million manuscripts, he reaches audiences in over 200 countries. Through the society, he established complementary services including the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Clubhouses, the latter of which mentors members on business development, personal well-being, and life-changing decisions. Mark Hamilton established clubhouses across the nation and throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, and Asia.

Mr. Hamilton holds a bachelor of science from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, where he studied economics. In addition, he is a published author, producing works such as Neocheating: The Rising Menace as well as Neo-Tech Control. His more recent published works include The Prime Cure, Superpuzzle, and Forbidden Revelation.

The Prime Law as a Driving Force to World Prosperity and Health

At the foundation of author and economist Mark Hamilton’s Neothink philosophic system and political world view is the ancient Prime Law. A pathway to material and intellectual wealth, Mark Hamilton states that the Prime Law was held back from the world for 3,000 years. Through political initiatives such as the creation of the 12 Visions Party, Mr. Hamilton seeks to bring America into a dimension set out by the Prime Law.

The system Mr. Hamilton envisions eliminates initiatory or threatening force as a means of making people obey. He posits that the Prime Law is beyond even that which the Founding Fathers envisioned. Despite an intricate system of checks and balances designed to limit the rule of man, the system has shortcomings that allow those who would control others to adapt and “mutate.” Ultimately, once enshrined freedoms come under attack.

Not a man-constructed law, Prime Law takes humanity to a new dimension in which initiatory force is not permitted within civilization, particularly from a governing body. This new dimension contains wealth and prosperity shared among all people.

Neothink Founder Explores Ideas in Trilogy

Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton has devoted his life to expanding the ideals of his system by developing the Twelve Visions Party, the group’s political arm. In addition to his nonfiction writings on politics, religion, business, and other subjects, Mark Hamilton set forth the ideas of his Neothink society in fiction as well, in a 1200-page trilogy entitled Superpuzzle.

The trilogy explores a world structured on Neothink ideas, political and economic systems, health recommendations, and business and employment systems. In this world, people enjoy greater wealth, happiness, and creative freedom. The book serves as a demonstration of what would happen if society were structured differently, and offers another way to access the breakthroughs of the Twelve Visions world. The book took nine years to write, and its author considers it a work of what he calls faction, which is described as fiction blended with fact and an unbroken line of logic.