Mark Levine Minnesota

CEO of the Minnesota-Based Hillcrest Media Group

About Mark Levine Minnesota

Mark Levine serves as CEO of the Hillcrest Media Group, a book publishing technology company operating out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In his time with the company, he has helped the Hillcrest Media Group to develop book-publishing management software that allows it to provide sophisticated services for its more than 2,500 customers, including other publishing companies that now license its software. Reflecting the strength of Mark Levine's leadership, Twin Cities Business magazine ranked the company among its 10 Small Business Success Stories for 2013. Currently, the Minnesota publisher operates several divisions, including, which focuses on book printing, distribution and warehousing solutions for authors and publishers, and, a self-publishing services provider

In addition to managing the Hillcrest Media Group, the Minneapolis CEO penned The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, a book that explains self-publishing processes in detail. Now in its fifth edition, the 3rd edition garnered an Independent Publisher Book Awards Gold Medal for Best Writing and Publishing Book in 2009. The 4th edition was named the Best Business book by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association in 2012. The 5th edition of The Fine Print was released in January 2014. Mark Levine is also the author of Saturn Return, a novel.

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