Mark Morad

Entrepreneur and Health-care CEO

About Mark Morad

Over the course of a long career in the medical industry, Mr. Morad’s focus has ranged from providing hands-on health-care services to governing strategy as CEO of several health care organizations. From 1990 to 1998, he worked as a nursing supervisor at Methodists Psychiatric Pavilion but retained a strong interest in business. During the years 2000, he ultimately became a CEO with Med-Rite DME and later several other organizations, like Lakeland Health Care, Inc. and Memorial Health Care, Inc. Mark Morad most recently became CEO and director of nursing at Lexmark Health Care, Inc.

Mark Morad studied at the South Central Regional Medical Center as well as the University of Southern Mississippi, graduating with a bachelor's of science in nursing in 1989.

Health care is not the only field in which Mr. Morad has been engaged. Also an entrepreneur, he has recently branched out to fields such as real estate, entertainment and restaurant services. In 2005 he purchased several rental properties and in 2011, he opened the Original Italian Pie in New Orleans and in 2013 established Ole Money Entertainment.

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