Mark Remley - Snowboarding in CA

Mark Remley is an active person who likes to get out and enjoy the outdoors in a number of ways. He is an avid snowboarder who has spent lot of time on the mountain; and in the State of California he has a number of options available to him within the state’s diverse geography that includes the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Below, Mark Remley shares where his favorite places to ride in the state are and what they mean to him.

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is located inland of San Diego, only a few hours away by car. While Bear Mountain may not be known for getting the most snow in California, it certainly has lots to offer and manages to attract thousands upon thousands of riders every year. Not only is the Bear Mountain/Bear Lake area full of spectacular views, but the resort itself prides itself on its great terrain park features, which are often used to film snowboard videos.


Tahoe may be a long drive from San Diego, but it is a short flight to make it to the border area near Reno, Nevada and then rent a car to navigate the area’s many ski resorts. Lake Tahoe is divided by the Nevada and California border, sharing some of the most prime ski destinations in the country. In the greater Tahoe area, there is Squaw Valley, Northstar, Kirkwood, Sierra, Heavenly and more; all of which boasts great terrain, breathtaking views and that light California snow that makes it such a pleasure to ride upon.

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