Mark Thek

President of Esterline Power Systems - Mark Thek

Mark Thek joined Esterline Power Systems as the president of engineering in 1995, and has since advanced to president of the company. Along with heading product development, he directs marketing initiatives and coordinates the efforts of Esterline’s four global offices. Mark Thek has led continuous growth during his tenure, and now oversees a team of roughly 3,000 employees.

Mr. Thek has also published his research in aerospace and railroad technology with Leach International, a subsidiary of Esterline. In publications such as New Magnet Materials for Relay Designers, he explores the benefits and drawbacks on the innovations in permanent magnets.

Away from the office, Mark Thek likes to snowboard, surf, and read science fiction. His favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut and Isaac Asimov, author of the seven-volume Foundation series. In addition, he is actively researching and drafting his book, The Quantification of Human Emotion. He also enjoys spending time with his two children.