Responsibility = Marriage

Most of us dream building a nice family in the future. We even picture ourselves with the ones we love living under the same roof sometimes.

I admit I've done this numerous times. Picturing myself in the future a lot. Although I think I still haven't met my future husband. I often daydream of romantic scenes with my future lifetime partner. Waking up next to each other and eating breakfast and other meals together, watching movies at home together, cuddling, talking about random stuffs, living in a comfy house with our kids, growing old together, and such. I sometimes even plan the number of kids I would like to have but I know this plan is still prior to some changes.

Like what everybody else are saying, a girl's wedding day is her 'BIG DAY!' one of the biggest and most unforgettable day in her life and just like any other typical girl, I also want my wedding day to be the best, though I haven't really had a deep thought and plans of getting married sooner. I at least want to be married at the age of 25 and older.

But as a teenager of the 21st century, I can say that I am fully aware of the basic problems related to building a family. High rate of young pregnancy that results to early marriage, in which branches out another economic problem such as high population, and lack of jobs that leads to another problem, which is poverty that is a common problem in our country.

Elders often say, 'Ang mga kabataan talaga ngayon ay mapupusok.' 'Masyadong nagpapadala sa tukso.' 'Padalos-dalos sa mga desisyon.' which has been proved through the results of their curiosity and "world exploration" —newborn little angels.

I have nothing to complain about newborn babies, actually. I believe they're precious gifts from God and I highly appreciate each one of them. The thing is that, some people tend to view marriage lowly as taking responsibility. I have a high view of marriage and seeing some people force two people to get married as soon as possible after having a child makes me a little disappointed. I understand that the kid needs to grow with parents and all. What I don't understand is that some people tend to see marriage as 'taking responsibility' when a man gets a woman pregnant. I believe being a married couple isn't a requirement for them to perform a good parenthood. They can always love and cherish their child without being forced to be married and live with each other with pressure.

I've witnessed a lot of failed marriages. In fact, it seemed like a hot trend about marriage! A failed one, sad to say. Even I, was a daughter of a couple who happen to fail with their marriage and I barely want to get one. I hope.

I may not know everything about relationships as I still have a lot to learn from in the future, but I know some of the common problems. Some marriages do fail when one does simply falling out of love or sometimes both. There is also this thing which seemed to be more common in a relationship nowadays —cheating. Either one of the two does it and if there's no one in the relationship, not even one, does want to continue and fix their marriage, often leads to unsuccessful one. There is also this impulsive decision of getting married without fully knowing each other so as soon as they get married, they only get to see each other's true self.

I believe most of the unsuccessful marriages root from what I said earlier. The 'taking responsibility'. That some people think of marriage.

People are tend to be tying the knot with the ones they truly love. The ones who holds the other end of our red string. Our one eternal love. What if we already tied ourselves with someone who wasn't as worthy as we deserve to have? What would be the next step we'd make? File a separation? What about the kids you have? Let them suffer from your never-ending fights and cause them emotional sufferings?

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