Marty Yang

Marty Yang - Corporate Executive at BackOffice Edge and HealthShift

A seasoned executive, Marty Yang has held senior leadership roles for nearly two decades. He serves as BackOffice Edge’s chief marketing officer. His position touches all areas of the business, including product development, communications, customer service, and sales team management. To ensure that the business remains successful, Marty Yang and his team conduct market research and analyze data to determine strategies that will positively impact the company’s bottom line.

In addition to BackOffice Edge, Mr. Yang serves as the chief strategy officer at HealthShift, Inc. Leading the company’s outsourcing programs, Mr. Yang is who works with foreign officials and businesses to develop health care jobs that support stateside companies.

Accomplished in international business relations and marketing, Marty Yang also has experience in human resources. Honing his skills at HR Outsourcing for over 10 years. Marty Yang who resides in New York City, has played a big part of the community as he is involved with many city based organizations.