The country of no crime.

The Marvel country was founded by Stan lee. The date it became a country was in 1939. In this country there are lots of people with special powers or special talents. The country is controlled by a group called the avengers. The avengers is a group with important people with powers. The president for the avengers is director Fury. The vice President of the avengers is Iron man also known as Tony Stark. Tony Stark also owns a very important company that was given to him by his father. The companies name is Stark industries and it is the most important because it provides the country with military weapons and other important thing to protect the country from outside danger.

My country protects itself from danger using a team called the avengers. All of the Marvel citizens feel safe at all times because they know that nothing will happen to them. When my Marvel needs help that's when the avengers show up to fight the danger. The avengers is a group that is made up of important people. Those people are Iron man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawk eye, and the Black Widow, and its head director, director Fury.


The economic situation of my country is very good because we have unlimited resources and including energy. We have a very powerful currency that is the best in the whole universe. We have never been in dept and we have never borrowed mony from other countries.


the famous and most favorite food for our country is burritos and orchata.  They are inspired food from mexico which is one of our favorite and top allies. It is so good that we injoy it and we have a burrito crazy holiday which is on April 12. Also another food is fried chicken and kool aid. For our fruit it is water melon.

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