Beliefs of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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Engels and Marx

Views on capitalism?

-they didn’t find the importance in working class

-Marx argued that at first capitalism released great progressive developments, especially large increases in production and therefore in the material wealth of people in general. However as time passed the forces of production and the social relations of production came increasingly into conflict, contradictions surfaced and the social relations of production began to thwart the full application of technology and productive potential to social needs. These internal contradictions will continue to increase in severity over time and ultimately they will result in the destruction of the capitalist system.

Communist Manifest written by Marx and Engels

Implementation of communism.

  • Marx constructed his vision of communism out of the human and technological possibilities already visible in his time,given the priorities that would be adopted by a new socialist society.

Who are the proletariat and what role should they have?

The working class

Proletariat is a term used in communist literature to describe the working class. Communism calls for the eventual "dictatorship of the proletariat," in which the working class will overthrow capitalism and establish a society based on communal ownership of wealth

Beliefs of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Marx and Engels created a book called the Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels intellectual work consisted of many books and articles

People needed to actively change the socio-economic system to a better form, instead of trying to preserve the existing status.

They created Marxism and believed average workers were treated unfair

They spread the idea Communism and created it

The cover of Animal Farm which is a political satire of Russia's Revolution and how communism cannot function in a society

a Flag of Marx,Engels,and Lenin

Marxism influenced the Russian revolution greatly

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