Mary Ann Hyman – A Respected Name In The Network Marketing Industry

Mary Ann Hyman is a respected name in the world of network marketing. Besides being one of the industry’s top 1% income earners, Mary Ann has a long list of accomplishments under her belt. She is not only a seasoned network marketer, but also a trainer, a keynote speaker, and a published author. Being in the industry for over twenty years, she holds a wealth of knowledge about the industry and is often invited by large firms to share her knowledge with them. So far, she has lectured at numerous organizations, some of which are – Women's Expo hosted by Clear Channel Radio; MLM Divas, where she talked about her foundational program – “Your 21 Day Road Mao To Success”, etc. Apart from being the guest speaker on dozens of television and radio shows, Mary Ann has been the focus of feature articles in a number of industry publications as well.

In her twenty five years of successful marketing career, Mary Ann Hyman has served as a consultant for numerous companies. She finds it extremely rewarding to help people accelerate their journey to success by sharing her knowledge with them. So far, she has trained thousands of people all over the world.

Before entering into the world of marketing, she was involved in developing specialized curriculums for the Canadian government. When she was seventeen, she landed her first job in a direct sales company, where she was acclaimed for her hard work, dedication, and amazing success. Her positive attitude and confidence kept her going despite the challenges she had to encounter and today she has her own company –in partnership with her husband, Mr. Bill Hyman and has also been the head of a large Network Marketing companies Product Advisory Board.

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