King's Road is situated in London, it's a famous road

1/ About the address

131a King's Road is an address where there was the Quant's first shop, the Bazaar. This bazaar was very fashion in the 60's, they were a lot of differents clothes like sweaters, dresses, men's cardigans, pyjamas, mini skirt, ect ... It was very extraordinary because the Bazaar was a boutique opened for young people, it's wasn't as normal as today in the 60's. Many boutiques were open only for old people.

2/ Did you know that ...

The woman who opened the Bazaar was Mary Quant in November 1955 with the help of Plunket Greene and the former solicitor Archie McNair. She was born on February 11, 1934 in London. She invented the mini skirt, she considered that it was practical and liberating, allowing women the ability to run for a bus !!! Plus, Mary Quant was a fashion icon in London

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