Leading in a Culture of Change
An analysis of the work of
Michael Fullan
Presented by:  Mary Ramos
Fellow, Dallas ISD


Learning Task Discussion:  And the purpose is?  Why change leadership?

Strategic Planning Process Defined in results based accountability systems: Successful RBA(results based accountability) efforts involve strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation (which will ultimately provide data that will be used in future planning and implementation efforts).

Strategic planning, results-based accountability system, is defined as the process of addressing the following questions:
Where are we?
What do we have to work with?
Where do we want to be?
How do we get there?

Focus: Change Leadership is something that we will be engaged in as we transition to our campuses. In order to make sense of the personalities, groups, and people, in terms of capacity, Fullan's steps in change leadership can be illuminating.

"Change is a double-edge sword."

A) So let's take a look at moral purpose.  What does it mean to you?

B) Survey says. . .

Let's evaluate the survey results.

Moral Purpose is. . .
Acting with the intention of making a positive difference in the lives of the people that it affects.

Making a difference in the lives of students is the first order of moral/spiritual leadership and the one we most readily think of. Instructional leaders are devoted to this goal.

Learning Task Discssion: Let's discuss this in pairs

So how is Shukla Bose demonstrating moral purpose in her leadership?

Learning Task:  Talk in groups.  Share out.

From Fullan
Fullan and Golman

Learning task:  sticking it with sticky notes


Leaders must be consummate relationship builders with diverse people and groups. The single factor common to every successful change initiative is that relationships improve. If relationships improve, things get better. If they remain the same or get worse, ground is lost. Effective leaders constantly foster purposeful interaction and problem solving. They are wary of easy consensus. Emotional intelligence is at the core of leaders who are continuously successful in a culture of change.

emotional intelligence-noun

the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success"

We learn from people that disagree.

What do you learn when you sense an atmosphere or staff meeting like this?

Learning task:  discussion

Points to ponder:  Is consensus a good thing? What does disagreeing reveal?

Knowledge Building

Leaders need to commit themselves to constantly generating and increasing knowledge inside and outside the organization. Effective leaders understand the value and role of knowledge creation, they make it a priority and set about establishing and reinforcing habits of knowledge exchange among organizational members.

Flowing it together

Growing Other Leaders

How can we grow leaders on our campuses?  Leadership Institutes, Curriculum Institutes, PLC teams, Student Institutes, Community Institutes. . .

What have you taken away from Fullan’s ideas that are relevant to you and your circle of influence?


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3 years ago

We (Dallas ISD) are in the implementation phase of a long term change process.

3 years ago

We believe all students can learn and recognize the need to differentiate instruction. We require teachers to attend "limited PD" on expectations, but there isn't enough follow-up or thorough training. Idealistic expectations and practical expectations are different....

3 years ago

We have come a long way in education. However, there are still so many aspects of it we can improve.

3 years ago

We are in an era in which we have to make our lessons engaging and meaningful to our students by utilizing more technology.

3 years ago

what do we have to work with? We are only limited by the limits we impose on ourselves

3 years ago

The results of the study were amazing! The information presented here suggest there is a lot of work to be done and it goes way beyond the campus level. It must be a national effort!

3 years ago

We haven't been smart enough to adjust to the needs of the students so we have made them adjust to us by drugging them.

3 years ago

I think we are at a standing point, its time we make a change and by thinking outside the box is a good starting point. The needs of our students are different.

3 years ago

Where is public education? Lost
What do we have to work with? We need to work with people, ideas, beliefs, processes, and overall understanding
Where do we want to be? We want to be ahead of the curve and ready for the future
How do we get there? Changing our approach and understand of education

3 years ago

I'm committed to change! leggo#!!!