A Diary of a Jew on Masada

By Arthi Kozhumam

Masada- a Hebrew word meaning fortress
once an impregnable citadel, with almost unlimited provisions and water

"Oh give thanks unto the lord, for He is good, because His mercy endureth forever."

In Disc 1, Part 1, when Eleazar ben Yair and the others join in a song of Thanksgiving (54:09), part of Psalms Chapter 118 in the Torah is read aloud. Eleazar's famous last speech goes like this: “Since we long ago resolved never to be servants to the Romans, nor to any other than to God Himself, Who alone is the true and just Lord of mankind, the time has now come that obliges us to make that resolution true in practice...We were the very first that revolted, and we are the last to fight against them; and I cannot but esteem it as a favor that God has granted us, that it is still in our power to die bravely, and in a state of freedom.”

For Jews, the Torah signifies TEACHING, INSTRUCTION, and LAW. The Jews of Masada would take no master before God, and resolved to either live freely, or die bravely, still free.

*note*: Josephus is the only accurate account of what happened at Masada. this diary i created shows what would have happened if someone had been able to write it down.

These scrolls were found in different locations at Masada. A Sefer Torah scroll is the holiest object in Judaism, covering the five books of Moses. The Torah is made from many sheets of parchment that are sewn together to create a very long scroll.

According to Flavius' account, "[T]he nine bared their throats, and the last solitary survivor, after surveying the prostrate multitude, to see whether haply amid the shambles there were yet one left who needed his hand, and finding that all were slain, set the palace ablaze, and then collecting his strength drove his sword clean through his body and fell beside his family. "

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