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An avid sports enthusiast, Mason Bird enjoys watching such favorite athletes as LeBron James and Peyton Manning compete on the basketball court and the football field. A sports fan since his youth, his most treasured sports memory involves a game in Atlanta between the New York Mets and the Braves. Mason Bird and his family sat in the third row behind home plate to watch the Mets win.

His enthusiasm for sporting events and outdoor activities also enriches his personal life. As a soccer player and volunteer coach, Mason Bird welcomes opportunities for leadership and executing strategic plays. He also enjoys playing paintball in the woods behind his family’s old house, and appreciates the relaxing value of dropping a line into the water and waiting for the fish to bite.

Mason Bird has also used his athletic skills as a wrangler for Look Up Lodge Christian Camp, where he oversaw recreational events such as paintball and the zip line course. As a high school senior who has completed a number of AP courses and been inducted into the National Honor Society, Mr. Bird intends to pursue an entrepreneurial path after college.


LeBron James and Miami Heat Highlight the NBA's Christmas Day Games

A competitive athlete while still in high school, Mason Bird played both soccer and basketball. Now in college, Mason Bird counts the Miami Heat as his favorite professional basketball team, though LeBron James, who left the team this summer, remains his favorite player.

As has become tradition over the years, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has slated a few of the season’s most interesting games for Christmas day, highlighted by LeBron James’ first regular-season visit back to Miami since rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers. The day will kick off with the emerging Washington Wizards visiting Madison Square Garden and Carmelo Anthony’s New York Knicks, followed by the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs hosting Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers will face off in the third game of the day. Akron, Ohio, native LeBron James was drafted by the Cavaliers and spent his first seven seasons with the team before leaving to join Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and the Heat in 2010. The Heat went on to reach four consecutive NBA Finals, winning two, before James opted out of his final contract year and rejoined the Cavaliers.

The holiday’s other matchups will see Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers visiting the Chicago Bulls and, in the last game of the day, the Golden State Warriors traveling south to face the Los Angeles Clippers in a rematch of last year’s testy Christmas day game. Star power forward Blake Griffin was ejected during the 2013 contest after picking up two technical fouls, and the teams went on to meet in last year’s playoffs, with the Clippers prevailing in a dramatic seven-game series.

Professional Opportunities for Computer Science Majors

Mason Bird was an honors student during his high school career. He took a number of advanced placement courses. Now a college sophomore, Mason Bird is pursuing a major in computer science.

Through their course work, computer science majors develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and technical support. They learn about algorithms and data mining, and can pursue opportunities to practice their knowledge in work settings. Software companies such as Oracle, government agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice’s Cybercrime Lab, and web design and game development firms such as OpenPad and Roblox Corporation offer internship and employment opportunities to computer science majors. Furthermore, those with qualifications in computer science can go into professions such as software programming and network administration

Computer science majors have also gone on to become computer network architects. A computer network architect supports business needs by developing, implementing, and maintaining networking and data communication systems. Furthermore, he or she tests systems before their implementation, and assesses new technology.

LeBron James Leads the Cavaliers to an Eastern Conference Victory

A sophomore in college, Mason Bird is enrolled in business school and studies cyber security. In his spare time, Mason Bird cheers on LeBron James, his favorite basketball player.

In 2015, National Basketball League (NBA) forward James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Eastern Conference finals. The team swept the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks in four games. During the final game, the Cavaliers achieved an early lead, ending the first quarter with 12 points over the Hawks. James, along with teammate Kyrie Irving, increased the lead to 17 points by half-time. The team kept up the momentum, coming out victorious with a 118-88 win and becoming the Eastern Conference champions. James scored 23 points as well as recorded a block and steal.

James, a four-time MVP, has led the franchise to two NBA finals. The Cavaliers’ first appearance was in 2007 against the San Antonio Spurs. The 12-year veteran, who also has won two championship titles during his four-year stint with the Miami Heat, seeks to bring home the first NBA championship for the Cavaliers.

The History of Paintball

Mason Bird is a college sophomore studying business and cybersecurity. An avid sports fan, Mason Bird also enjoys outdoor activities such as paintball.

Unlike more ancient sports, some of which have centuries-long histories, paintball was invented less than 40 years ago. The game began when a group of friends, including Hayes Noel, Charles Gaines, and Bob Gurnsey, set out to create a stalking and survival game in the late 1970s. Designed as a challenge for their friends, the game was supposed to be fun while also teaching basic survival skills.

Coming up with the rules and guidelines was relatively easy; finding a non-lethal firing mechanism posed a bit of a challenge. Eventually, George Butler, one of Hayes Noel’s friends, found the Nelspot Marker - a paint marker designed for marking animals and trees - in an agricultural catalog and the final piece of the game’s design fell into place.

The first actual game of paintball was held in 1981. Unlike modern paintball, it was an individual effort focused on grabbing as many flags from each of the four field quadrants as possible. Players were eliminated not only by being shot, but also when an opponent broke a paintball open by hitting them with it or breaking it near them and splashing them with the paint.

Over the years, the game changed into a team effort, but it still maintains the basic form and function developed by its creators.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Cybersecurity?

Mason Bird is an accomplished college student who earned excellent grades in both regular and Advanced Placement courses while in high school. Enrolled as part of his university’s business school, Mason Bird is majoring in cybersecurity and takes a combination of business and cybersecurity courses.

Over the past five years, cybersecurity jobs have grown 12 times faster than other jobs, and the majority of open jobs in the field require a bachelor’s degree. Under the umbrella of cybersecurity, there are roughly 31 specialty areas, including digital forensics, systems security analysis, and vulnerability assessment. These areas cover an even larger variety of career titles, from penetration tester to firewall engineer.

Many cybersecurity professionals enjoy the challenge associated with their job, and the salary of most positions is above average. Average pay varies depending on education, experience, and specific title, but some roles, such as information security analyst, average over $86,000 a year and maintain a higher-than-average projected growth rate.

While securities and commodity contracts pay the most for cybersecurity professionals, graduates can find positions in such industries as computer systems design and scientific consulting services. Additionally, universities are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks, meaning the field will continue expanding in the future.

The Growing Field of Cyber Security

In high school, Mason Bird always performed well in both academics and athletics. He was regularly an honor roll student and played varsity basketball and soccer. Now in college, Mason Bird is majoring in cyber security.

With hackers becoming ever more sophisticated and elusive, cyber security has become paramount for all users of the Internet, both large and small. Accordingly, cyber security offers competitive salaries to high-performing graduates. Cyber security professionals face particular challenges, such as adapting to changing work demands and nontraditional working hours. They also must be able to rapidly apply a broad range of technical skills to protect networks from security vulnerabilities.

Some common job titles graduates may find in the cyber security field are chief information security officer (CISO), disaster recovery analyst, forensics expert, incident responder, and network security engineer, among others. Those candidates who perform best in the role have a high level of intelligence and analytical ability, which allow them to understand how a skilled hacker may think or act.

Lebron James Becomes Youngest NBA Player to Score 25,000 Points

Mason Bird is an accomplished student athlete who played basketball and soccer in high school and coached youth sports with the Upward Sports program. Now in college and majoring in cyber security, Mason Bird enjoys following the play of his basketball hero, Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, when he’s not busy studying.

Lebron James recently reached an impressive basketball milestone in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers on November 3, 2015. At the age of 30, James became the youngest NBA player to surpass 25,000 career points. Even Philadelphia 76ers fans excitedly cheered as he sank those shots against the home team at the Wells Fargo Center.

Speaking to reporters after the game, James acknowledged the rush he got from the crowd’s standing ovation. Showing his humility, he also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to play in the NBA for the last 13 years. He vowed to give the game everything he has until he “can’t give anymore.”

Special Olympics Brings Kids Together with Project Unify

Mason Bird is a college student and accomplished athlete who also enjoys doing community service. With an interest in athletics, Mason Bird has served his community by coaching youth soccer and volunteering as a mentor to a Special Olympics athlete.

One of the Special Olympics’ flagship community programs is called Project UNIFY. The program integrates education and sports to engage youth in leadership and create a space where those with and without intellectual disabilities can come together and create a culture of acceptance.

With the goal of promoting social inclusion through shared sports experiences, youth with and without disabilities play on the same team. The organizers of Project UNIFY believe this method is the best way to support friendship and understanding. This model is inspiring change outside of the Special Olympics organization. For instance, the governor of New Jersey just signed a bill encouraging schools to ensure that athletic opportunities are available to all students, regardless of disability.

National Honor Society LEAD Conferences Boost Leadership Skills

Mason Bird is pursuing a degree in cybersecurity. Aside from having taken advanced placement courses and regularly made the honor roll in high school, Mason Bird served as the president of the National Honor Society (NHS) from 2011 to 2013.

Each year, NHS hosts LEAD conferences that offer a variety of leadership training experiences for youth. For instance, the Student and Adviser Small Group Workshops covers civic engagement, community service, and developing a student “voice,” among other topics.

Advisers also can take specific workshops that count toward professional development credits. These programs cover topics like project planning, team building, fundraising, and leadership development. The conference is equivalent to 13 content hours.

High School Officer Training is also available at LEAD conferences for students who would like to hold officer positions, as is NHS & NJHS Training, for both chapter advisers and student members of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. The latter covers selection procedures and other national guidelines and operating tips.

Career Opportunities in the Field of Political Science

An honor student and athlete in high school, Mason Bird was consistently named to the honor roll. Now an undergraduate, Mason Bird majors in political science.

With a degree in political science, graduates can expect to find openings in a variety of fields, including the government sector, law, and private lobbying. Government political science occupations include such diverse positions as city planner, CIA intelligence officer, and advocate working for a nonprofit. Political scientists earn between $50,000 and $148,000 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Political science students may also go on to jobs in the legal field. Lawyers draw on an understanding of U.S. or foreign governmental regulations, as well as an ability to interpret and communicate political ideas. After completing law school and passing the bar, lawyers make a median salary of $114,300 annually in the United States.

Also drawing on political science skills, the private sector employs lobbyists who represent private interests to elected representatives. Lobbyists earn an average of $66,602 per year, according to PayScale.

Cleveland Area Youth Basketball League Sees Tremendous Growth

A former youth sports coach and an avid Cleveland Cavaliers fan, Mason Bird now studies political science in college. Interested in supporting young people and promoting fellowship in his community, Mason Bird has worked with the nationally known Upward Sports Program, which offers opportunities in sports including, among others, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and basketball.

One of the largest youth basketball leagues in Ohio is organized by Church of the Saviour at 2537 Lee Road in Cleveland. Nearly 300 children ranging in age from five to thirteen, participate in the church’s Upward Basketball program. The league was founded seven years ago and has become tremendously popular, according to league director Lauren Lanphear.

With a roster of 32 youth basketball teams, the church’s gym is full of squeaky shoes and bouncing basketballs for two hours each night Monday through Thursday. Games are held on Saturdays, and it takes nine hours for all the teams to play. The league is different in a few ways. First, teams are purposely balanced with children of different skill levels, who all play equal amounts of time. Also, each practice includes a prayer devotion lasting at least five minutes.

Three Books That Make Ancient Rome Come Alive

Mason Bird, a college student currently majoring in political science, has a lifelong interest in the history of ancient civilizations. Ancient Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating cultures, and the story of the empire's rise and fall is a standard part of academic history. A few recent histories of the period are highly accessible and appear on recommended reading lists.

SPQR by Mary Beard – This popular classical historian writes about how the ancient Romans saw themselves. In SPQR, which stands for “Senate and People of Rome,” she makes well-known figures from 2,000 years ago come alive by showing their concerns about the rise of terrorism, their ambivalence about building an empire, and their struggles with social inequalities.

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire by Simon Baker – This 2007 book includes facts derived from the latest scholarly research. It vividly describes the thought processes, motivations, and conflicts of outstanding figures of the time.

As the Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History by Jo-Ann Shelton – The second edition of this popular syllabus book has received praise for its lively style and wealth of detail on every aspect of Roman life, including the family, schooling, military matters, and entertainment.

Readers who enjoy watching the History Channel as much as Mason Bird enjoys it should consider adding these top books to their non-fiction reading lists. The excellent writing turns real history into stories that are as thrilling as novels.

How to Update Xbox Console Using Xbox Live

A college student studying political science, Mason Bird is considering attending law school once he has completed his undergraduate degree. In his free time, Mason Bird enjoys playing a variety of games on Xbox.

If you run into difficulty with your Xbox 360 console, it may be time for an update. The company periodically updates console software with new features. If you are not seeing the dashboard themes, having trouble with the Kinect sensor, or are missing avatars, then there are several ways to obtain the needed updates.

The easiest way to update is via Xbox Live if your console is connected to the Internet. If your Xbox isn't connected to the internet, you can download the update on your computer and transfer it to a USB drive, which you can plug into your Xbox. The downloaded information can also be burned to a CD or DVD and transferred to your console in that manner. In addition, game discs that use newer software often will prompt you to update your Xbox before loading the game.

A Basic Review of Political Science as an Academic Major

A student with a strong academic record, Mason Bird has earned an invitation to the National Honor Society and pursued studies in diverse topics such as history, cybersecurity, and Latin. Also interested in political science and history, Mason Bird is currently studying toward a political science degree.

Political science involves the study of government development and function as well as the behavior of governmental leaders throughout history. Political scientists examine world events from various perspectives and explore the context behind the success or failure of political agendas. Political science students often focus on particular areas of political interest, such as local government and international relations. Additionally, political science programs incorporate courses that review formal laws and traditions, compare and contrast types of political organizations, and provide a deeper understanding of modern democracy’s evolution.

Individuals majoring in political science discipline often go on to pursue jobs as press secretaries and legislative aides, but others become college-level political science professors, attorneys, or campaign managers for candidates running for a governmental position. Other career prospects include work as a political consultant, intelligence agent, or human rights advocate.

The History Channel Offers a Modern Take on Ancient History

College student Mason Bird is a political science major with a strong interest in technology. In addition, he is an avid student of history, particularly that of the ancient and classical worlds. Among his range of hobbies and interests, Mason Bird enjoys watching documentaries on the History Channel, which has offered a number of programs on ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome over recent years.

Among the topics related to ancient Greece covered in prominent History Channel documentaries are: the growth of democracy, the Peloponnesian War of 431 - 404 B.C.E., the life of the Athenian statesman Pericles, and the Hellenistic world of the ancient Mediterranean. Roman-themed programs have provided information on the volcanic eruption at Pompeii, the Colosseum, and the lives of great figures such as Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

For more than 20 years, the History Channel’s dramatic re-enactments of well-known and lesser-known episodes in history have given its audiences a vivid look at the past. The station debuted in 1995 as a basic cable channel, and within the first year-and-a-half of its existence, it had built up a viewership of approximately 20 million people.

NBA Finals on the Books as Cavaliers Beat Warriors

A political science major, Mason Bird is working toward professional certifications in technology. Outside of his studies, Mason Bird supports the Cleveland Cavaliers and star forward LeBron James.

On Sunday, June 19, 2016, Mason Bird and other Cavaliers’ fans experienced one of the most exciting evenings in the history of their favorite team: The Cavs won the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals in Game 7, taking home their first professional sports championship in 52 years.

The Cavaliers played the final championship game against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Warriors and Stephen “Steph” Curry were the defending champions, looking for their second NBA title in a row. Having concluded the regular season with a record-breaking 73 wins, the Bay Area team won the first three out of four games and were the heavy favorite to win the series. In Game 7, with less than a minute left on the clock, the Cavs’ Kyrie Irving sank a three-point shot, and James’ final free throw brought the final score to 93 - 89.

Regular season Most Valuable Player Curry played a lackluster game, although teammate Draymond Green scored 32 points, with 15 rebounds and nine assists. For the Cavaliers, Irving contributed 26 points to his team’s win. James scored 27 points and achieved the NBA Finals’ third-ever triple-double as well as MVP honors.

Making Acrylics Look Like Oils

Mason Bird, a member of the National Honor Society, is majoring in cybersecurity. When not busy with schoolwork, Mason Bird enjoys painting with acrylic.

Many regard oil paints as the standard for high-quality art due to the tendency of acrylic paint to have a plastic, artificial look. However, many artists create works that look like oil using acrylic paint. Part of this is accomplished through a commitment to using oil-painting techniques, maintaining the same brush strokes, painting surface, and overall approach. Acrylic paints can also be easily thinned to prevent overly stacked layers and to delay drying times. This further creates the feel of oil paint when the picture is done.

Beyond that, painters can limit their color options when using acrylics. One of the benefits of acrylic paint is that it comes in a variety of premixed colors, but these promote the artificial look that often characterizes the medium. Using fewer colors and mixing any needed colors creates the more authentic feel that is associated with oils. Mixing colors on the canvas at least part of the time further promotes this overall feel.

Finally, although heaviness is a problem associated with acrylic, painters can still build thin layers of color. Building layers so that the previous one can be seen keeps the painting from appearing to heavy and plastic-like.

Preventing Ultimate Frisbee Injuries

A college student studying cybersecurity, Mason Bird balances his academic responsibilities with a wide array of hobbies. Throughout high school, he participated in numerous sports and community activities while earning membership to the National Honor Society. Now, Mason Bird fills his free time with such hobbies as ultimate frisbee.

Regular ultimate frisbee players are at risk of numerous types of injuries, including cartilage tears, patello-femoral syndrome, and ankle, knee, and ligament sprains. Preventing these injuries starts before game play begins. Stretching and basic muscle warm-ups prepare the body for running and the various movements required for ultimate frisbee. Once a game has ended, spending some time cooling the muscles down further reduces the risk of injury.

Beyond warming up and cooling down, regular players should engage in routine strength training and conditioning exercises. By doing so, they can better prepare themselves for the strain of a game.

Ultimate frisbee injuries can also be prevented by taking certain precautions. Wearing good shoes can keep the feet steady under the body, while joint braces add extra strength to at-risk areas. Technique also plays a major role in preventing injury. Ultimate frisbee players must learn the proper technique for changing direction and jumping during a game. This ensures the joints are not twisted or strained unnecessarily. If players do experience pain while playing, they should stop playing and see a physician as soon as possible. Playing through the pain can cause major damage to the body.

How Small Businesses Can Protect against Cyber Threats

After exploring the subjects of literature and political science, university student Mason Bird is now working toward a degree in cyber security. Mason Bird is very interested in the rapidly-changing field, and may pursue a career in the world of online security.

According to a recent report, many large-scale cyber security breaches occur because of human error. Major breaches, like the recent incidents at Yahoo, Neiman Marcus, and Wendy's, often occur because someone overlooked a glaring detail or well-known vulnerability.

Analysts point to financial institutions as examples of organizations with good security practices. Accustomed to protecting sensitive data, these corporations must cultivate a culture of continuous security oversight. Small retailers and online entrepreneurs are less likely to be familiar with necessary security precautions, and tend to make mistakes and experience breaches at a higher rate.

Small organizations can protect themselves by using antivirus software and firewalls effectively. It is especially important to extend these protections to servers and routers. Encryption software and multi-step password authentication should also be utilized to protect sensitive data.

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