MASSART                                Massachusetts College of Art and Design

They don't have a mascot nor a fight song

Est. 1873

Its in Central Boston, Mass.

30% Male:: 70% Female

Tradition:: Sneaker Design: Feet First Into Drawing! focused on drawing and designing for the human figure, building towards a footwear design project. Students learned basic animations skills to create a promotional animation to market their design.

College/Career Presentation


*SAT/ACT scores required

*SAT Critical Reading: 500/ 600

*SAT Math: 470/ 580

*SAT Writing: 490/ 590

ACT Composite: 22/ 27

*Two Letters of recommendation

*15-20 pieces of artwork.

*At least 5-10 pieces should be direct observational drawings of live situations or three-dimensional objects.

*Resume is Required

*Statement of Purpose of why you want to go to Mass Art and express your-self

*Mailing Address    


David Muniz

1234 Sesame Street

El Paso, Texas

(915) 911-9688

Career Objective

I want to be a successful and famous Fashion Designer. I wanna create new and trendy clothes for young and old people no matter whats the age its the way you wear it and express yourself. Its sometimes the only outlet for people to express themselves and i want people to wear my creations and make them happy.

Skills and Abilities

  • Self-Motivated
  • Anxious to learn new skills
  • Good with Technology
  • Engineering background
  • Unique
  • Independent
  • Very Motivational and Positive


Internship                                                                                                    2010-2012                  Gucci & Co.


Fashion Adviser                                                                                          2009-2011                  Kardashian Fam.

      Helped pick outfits for the Kardashian family for special events and go shopping with them to make sure they had the best of clothes that no one had.

Fashion Designer                                                                                         2012-2014                 Gucci & Co.


Fashion Designer                                                                                         2014-2015                 Versace & Co.


Claudio Carlos

CC & Fam.

(123)123 -1234

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for David Muniz so that he may be accepted into the Massachusetts College of Arts. I first became acquainted with David at school, which gave me the opportunity to observe his skills in teamwork, communication, leadership, and overall academic readiness. I now have been enrolled in several classes together with David for about three years and have witnessed great improvement in several aspects of his work.

One of the areas where David is most proficient is teamwork. David is able to work well within a team and able to take leadership and control if anyone within the team becomes stuck. David is also very intelligent, he is able to grasp new concepts quickly, he is focused, dedicated, and raises himself to higher standards. His abilities as an intelligent, creative worker along with a desire to rise above every challenge he faces are indicative of how he is an innovative person with a strong interest in a higher education to achieve a better future and give proof to the fact that he is ready for it.

I know without a doubt that he will be an excellent student at the Massachusetts College of Arts and that he will continue to improve throughout his admission there. If you would like to know more about David, you can contact me via phone at 915-123-4567.


Claudio Carlos,

President of the United States of America.


Massachusetts residence: $11,000

Non Massachusetts Residence: $29,925

Fashion Design

Salary: 56,000

Education: Bachelors or Associate's

Fashion design is a person that draws or sketches clothes and if they are really good then they get made by people. they also choose the fabrics and materials they want on the clothes. A fashion Designer has to know trends and also be so creative that they create new ones. they have to the fashion in the future. They can also use comnpuetrs to bring their clothes or sketches to life.

Employment: Fair... Two Thirds of Fashion designers in New York or in California are employed. Fashion designers working for large companies usually receive health insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits, while self-employed designers must provide their own insurance and retirement plans.

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