Products get faked all the time but plastic manufacturers cannot afford to let their competitors run away with their hard work. They have to put in place some form of authentication that will help their customers pick out a fake product from the original. Counterfeit prevention masterbatches absorb ultraviolet and violet light then re-emit light.

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Without the right type of protection against all sorts of infections happen leading to odor and loss of aesthetics but more importantly, loss of electrical insulating properties, hygiene and overall loss of mechanical properties in the material. By adding special chemicals to the mix, Masterbatches Manufacturers prevent the growth of microbes and germs on the surface of plastics.

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Masterbatch suppliers make special additives that make polymers absorb shock better than when additives are not used. Additives known as impact modifiers help plastics endure physical shocks better. Without the right kind of additive, the chances of breakages and cracks increase manifold. Also if the product is very cheap it would be safe to assume that on impact the product will look unsightly and dirty as well.