Disaster at Sea

By: Zane Giddings and Jett Buck

Should We Be Worried

Yes. We should be worried because the oil spill is located where there is allot of Marine Animals live. We should get rid of the oil fast or the oil will hurt the animals. So yes we should be worried about the oil spill.

How We Approached The Problem

First we split the area up into smaller areas. Then we make sure the oil does not spread to other areas. We got all of the animals out of the area. Then we burn the oil off of the top of the oil. Then we try to burn it once more just to make sure all the oil is away.

Total Area of the Spill And More...

The are of the oil spill is 352 miles squared. We think we got really close to how many miles the oil that got contaminated. We think the measurements of each polygon is accurate. I think we are going to be a little off of the real area.