The world is full of mathematical moments and conversations! Every problem stems from a story. Every situation is a new opportunity to talk about math! What can you create to share yours today?

Inspired by The Math Curse

The Task: Tell Me A Story About Math!

Write a story about a day, real or fictional, including any math encountered. Tell the story from your perspective or from the perspective of fictional characters. You can create a book, video, digital poster, game or some alternative of your choosing. You can even hand craft a physical book. Whatever you decide, you must also include solutions. How you do it is up to you!

Be mathematically accurate and creative! Remember...images, video, audio and even interactives go a long way but be careful to adhere to copyright!

Invite us into your mathematical world with a story!

*** An Idea ***

Use padlet or poster paper to generate ideas. This allows your students to crowdsource and support each other! For added flavor, place ideas in the "Decide Now" app and have kids spin for it!

Kids Stuck? Get Them Started!

Get kids thinking about math even when they may not see it! Here are a few visual story prompts which are great because creativity is a matter of interpretation and the math discussed is how they see it!

Noteworthy Apps

These are a few apps that allow students to create anything from crazy fun talking images to books, posters or videos. Let kids go crazy with creativity but help them to make sure that the content is at the forefront!

Incorporate Math Tools or Diagrams!

Creating in geogebra can be a story in and of itself!

Minecraft Stories!

Create a world. Kids work collaboratively to create structures. Using the paid app, kids can visit each other's structures and complete assigned tasks based on each other's structures. Think of changing dimensions and finding volume/surface area or creating structures to meet certain criteria.

Feeling crafty? Use the reflector app or airserver to record a video about the math of your world.

Create Cool Images and Add Voice!

Can only be saved to camera roll. No social sharing.

Create a Presentation & Turn it Into a Video

Make A Digital Poster!

Create a Book

Create A Video!

An Example Created with Animoto

Equipped with a problem, Geogebra and Discovery Ed video cuts...Finding the sector area of a circle.

MathyCathy's Book Creator Examples!