Matt Cole

Day 3

Today was my first day at camp. I learned how to solder and made a light up robot. I also learned how to set up an arduino. I set up the makey makey and was then able to play music and play games. Overall today was a good day of camp and I look forward to tomorrow.

Day 4

Today we tried to assemble the bubble machine. My group was Lucas, Corbett, and I. I copied the code for my group. I also made multiple fans to get the bubbles to blow. After many attempts of fans in all different shapes and sizes, we still couldn't get the bubble to blow. The fan was too powerful and kept popping the bubble. We also watched videos on Voltage, current, and resistance. Voltage is V , current is I, and resistance is R.

Day 5
Matt Cole

Today we made a design that was cut out off foam. I created a smiley face and the LEDs went through the eyes. We also decided what we wanted to do for our final project. I am doing the Quadcopter with Corbett and Yasmine. I am also doing the Tron Hoodie. Today we had to tell the Maker Core members the materials needed. I am excited for my projects, but mostly excited for the quadcopter.

Day 6
Matt Cole

Today we created a LED shirt with a pocket. I cut a pocket out of cloth. I placed my LEDs on the pocket and kept the coin battery in the pocket. I put a M on my pocket made out of puffy paint.

Day 7
Matt Cole

Today we made Eyecatchers. I enjoyed putting it together. I had a blue LED light on my eye-catcher and when it spun it looked cool. After the eye-catchers, we went outside and played soccer which was fun. We also did things with make makes. Lucas and I made something that took a picture when you high five. Shawn helped us achieve our goal. It was really fun and i was excited about the outcome since it worked.

Day 8
Matt Cole

Today we started working on our final project. I wanted to do the drone but we are no longer able to do that. Since I couldn't work on the drone, I went to circuit bending. I enjoyed the circuit bending but I couldn't het my Leap Frog to work so it was a disappointment. I look forward to tomorrow and the showcase.

Day 10
Matt Cole

Today we worked on our final project. I made a tv be gone but can't show it off because there is no tv. I also used a makey makey to make the high five sensor photo booth. i am looking forward to presenting my projects later today. Today is the last day of camp.