The great Hunt

He came upon his prey the deer seemed to be startled, but the weird feeling was that they weren't scared of him. As he watched the deer became even more frightened and they started to moan in agony as if they were dying. He felt a sense of danger and wanted to run away but a force held him in place as if something or someone wanted him to see what was about to transpire. When the man could no longer bare the agony of anticipation a shadow that he couldn't make out came out of the woods and slit all of the deers throats with such speed they died in mid moan. After this the man foced himself to get up and he ran towards the road.

When he reached the road the shadow was gone but his fear was only just getting started. He grabbed the Phone on the road side and called a friend of his to come and pick him up, but to his amazement the phone line was cut ,and he had left his cell phone home. He quickly took inventory of what he had on him, but even though his bow was on him he felt a sense of endangerment, but at the same time was drawn back to the woods which he would have to go through to get home. So he went into the woods not knowing what he would find.

As the man ventured into the woods it wasn't long before the sounds of crying deer were heard. The fear grew greater with each step, but for all his fear he continued on. He soon came to a mound of deer with all of their throats slit. The man was curios enough to inspect the deer when the shadow appeared behind him. He quickly turned around and saw this monster that had caused this. Holding his bow ready to release a arrow if necessary inspected the creature. What he saw was no less a man than he. However this man had his hands amputated and replaced with hooks, but after he had gazed upon him the shadow ran away as if the man were the monster. The man more freaked out than before started on his way again knowing he was almost out of the woods.

He soon saw the end of the woods and his house . At this part of the woods less trees where there and the sun shone through. As he walked towards the end of woods, sure that danger was all but behind him, he saw a shadow following him. This time however the shadow seemed to be angered by the mans leaving. The shadow attacked the man, however the man took out his bow but was unable to use it because when the shadow lunged he was repelled as if he couldn't leave the woods. Not thinking the man ran as fast as he could to his house and hoped this theory was corect.

As the man reached the house he felt a sense of security, but even this was a false sense. As if a terrible hex had been placed upon him he glimpsed a object in the field, he went to investigate. He found one last deer with its throat slit, and on the corpse, in blood, it said, " Look behind you."

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