Cleveland Cavaliers

#1 Overall pick...Matt Gaudio?

Power Forward | Penn State| 39

Why They Need Him

Big men who can play offense and defense don't come easy.  That alone could convince the Cavaliers to consider the former Nittany Lion forward.  After all, he did average over 15 points per game in his final season -- which earned him All Big-10 honors.  He now calls Northeast Ohio his home, so he could be a fan favorite as well.

The Risk

He's been out of basketball for over 15 years since he left Penn State -- and then Europe -- to pursue a career in technology.  It would be unprecedented for somebody to be out of basketball for a decade and a half to be signed, let alone drafted -- let alone taken with the first overall pick.

The Final Verdict

Okay, the first pick might be a reach.  Heck, it would be insane to use ANY picks on Gaudio.  Even still -- at the very minimum, the Cavaliers could spare a few tickets to Loudville for the former High School West Virginia Player of the Year.