Matthew Scott of Milton, MA : An Advocate for Freedom of Expression

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a highly devoted individual and professional artist who understands the importance of being able to express oneself creatively. He has spent his entire life dedicated to the freedom of expression and the fine arts. He is currently working as a professional musician, painter, and photographer in his hometown of Milton, Massachusetts.

Matthew Scott has been playing the guitar and taking photographs since he was a child and thoroughly enjoys expressing himself through both art forms. Much like many other professional and successful artists, he is not limited to any single art form, but he is multi-talented and has the ability to be successful in several different artistic capacities at once.

Matthew has been playing the guitar for years, and ever since he began taking lessons at a very young age, it has been difficult to separate himself from his instrument. He is currently playing guitar professionally for a local band that has made quite the name for themselves in the New England area. They often go on tour with various other musicians, which allows for a number of great photo opportunities for Matthew while he is on the road. When he isn’t traveling with his band or taking photographs, he is following his passion for antiques and old cars. He has undertaken a number of automobile restoration projects throughout his life and is currently working on a car from the 1940s.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is committed to his freedom of expression and the ability he has to reach people on a deeper level with his artwork. As a professional musician, he believes that music is the easiest way to express himself and reach others because everyone loves music and has specific connections to different sounds, genres, and lyrics.

However, Matthew has also been able to reach people through his photography as well. He has the natural ability to capture the perfect moment and has been able to take thousands of photographs of the musicians he hears and plays with while traveling with his band. His photos have been published on local and country wide music publications several times, and he enjoys helping people experience a show even when they aren’t there in person.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is an expert artist who understands the true meaning that comes with the freedom of expression. According to him, being an artist is all about making people feel connected, if you can do that, then you are an artist.

The Ones, Twos and Threes of Creating Your Own Band

Putting together a band that can stand the test of time and fame is a much harder feat than many would have you believe. Working together as a cohesive team takes talent, trust, reliability and above all, respect. Now that you’re ready to take your career to the next level, here are a few pointers to catapult yourself into the next phase of your musicianship.

  1. By now, you should have an idea of the genre(s) of music that you want to be playing. When people ask you what you play, think about how you would describe it. Think about who you want your audience to be. Prepare an elevator speech that answers all of these questions in one fell swoop.
  2. Be thoughtful about developing a “look” for you and your band. Will your styles match and complement one another?
  3. If you have openings, advertise wisely. Use a website where musicians can post wanted ads and market yourself very openly. You don’t want someone who plays an entirely different style of music showing up to your auditions because they weren’t aware that your band is, in fact, not a metal band. Make it known if you have specific preferences regarding age, gender, goals, travel abilities, etc.
  4. Create a plan for your rehearsals. You are trying to, essentially, create your own business. Therefore, sometimes an agenda is necessary to stay on track to ensure that you reach all of your goals.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA recommends keeping all of these tips in mind when you enter the beginning phases of establishing your band. Matthew Scott is a lead guitarist based in Milton, Massachusetts and tours frequently with his band throughout the Northeast.

Pro Photography Tips you Should Know

While it is quite easy to pick up a DSLR camera and start taking pictures, there are several important things you need to know if you want to become a professional photographer. Understanding the fundamentals of digital photography is essential to getting spectacular pictures each time you pick up your camera and head out for a photo shoot. Here are a couple of tips you can use to enhance your photography skills.

Use Full Stops for ISO

Most photographers increase the ISO to achieve faster shutter speed for clearer pictures, they also use a smaller aperture for a particular shutter speed and sometimes they use a combination of the two. The advantage of using DLSR cameras is that it offers better control over the shutter speed and aperture. With most cameras, you have the option to fine tune the ISO. When adjusting the ISO, remember that each click of the wheel works as a full stop, this is particularly useful when you have to adjust it quickly.

Shoot Three, Not Just One

When taking pictures, most beginner photographers take just one frame and move on to the next. If you can change this to taking three frames it will give you a greater advantage in getting the best pictures. You might want to set your camera to take three continuous frames instead of just one with each click. The reason taking three frames instead of one is better is that while pressing the button for one frame, your hand might jerk and lead to a soft picture. Whereas with a three-continuous shot you will eliminate that problem and get clearer pictures.

Matthew Scott is an ardent photographer who regularly goes out and captures the beautiful scenery around Milton, MA. For More Information Visit at

Surefire Tips for Nailing Your Voice in the Recording Studio

Vocal recording is more than just recording; it’s an art in itself. Singing in a recording studio surrounded by high-quality equipment and no audience can be quite an experience, especially if you are used to singing on stage. Here are a couple of tips you can use to train your vocals before you start recording in the studio.

Practice Beforehand

A good way to get ready for your recording session is to get a mic and start practicing at home or someplace else before you go to the recording studio. Most recording studios charge a lot to use their facilities and if you are going to have to keep re-recording your vocal track over and over again, you are going to end up wasting a lot of time. Practicing beforehand will help you get your vocals right and do a good job during the recording.

Vocal Techniques

Work on your vocal technique so that you do not strain, or sing out of tune when you record. Your vocal technique should be perfect and should allow you sing the songs on the note required without struggling or straining. Not being able to hit the right note and maintain your pitch will cause delays in the recording studio. Make sure you know the lyrics well and practice singing the right note.

Emotion and Message

Most, if not all songs have a message and goes together with emotion. It is vital that you merge emotion together with your singing otherwise your songs will sound lifeless and flat. Your lyrics comes from your emotions and when you sing, make sure you put your emotion into the song.

Matthew Scott or Milton, MA is a professional musician who has played at several places across the state.