Matthew Soldier - Chess Etiquette

Matthew Soldier is an avid chess player, who embraces his favorite game by playing it online with opponents from all over the world. He plays on, a site that connects people in countries across the globe to pay their favorite game for free. With all of this accessibility, however comes a large conglomerate of players, some of which do not practice the best etiquette. Below, he shares some of the shortcomings in sportsmanship in the game to that others can be aware of what not to do when playing chess online.

Don’t Make Others Wait

Making others players wait while you make a move is a normal part of chess; however, making them wait for an extended amount of time, say more than five or ten minutes for a single move, is a blatant waste of the other person’s time, when they could be playing against a more engaging opponent.

Don’t Repeatedly Abort Games

People at times will abort the games before they even get off to a decent start, which is often the product of them trying to preserve their scores in one way or another. Repeatedly aborting games can slow down the server as well as waste the time of others, both of which reflect poor sportsmanship.

Respect Draw Offers

Sometimes, a little respect for your opponents can go a long way. When someone offers a draw, it should be treated on a case by case basis, but should often be respected. After all, people need to take breaks from the computer every now and then.

Matthew Soldier - Financial Freedom

Matthew Soldier knows the value of financial freedom; and he strives to help others achieve their goals of financial freedom through a number of strategies that are universally applicable to all people and businesses. His familiarity with a number of different lifestyles and industries has helped him help others and their businesses grow together. He sees financial freedom as the soil upon which success grows, and he offers some tips below on how exactly you can get there.

First, one must pay off their debts. Debt can be an anchor that keeps you from success. So long as you are indebted to others, it means that you don’t technically own your successes. Debt collectors are empowered to take your business, your belongings or both if you do not pay back your debts in full, which is why you should never take advantage of those who give you loans because they can come back to haunt you if you neglect them. It’s best to pay off the debts and sever those ties altogether.

Once your debts are paid off, the next big step towards financial freedom is the growth that you put on top of that zeroed balance. There are two ways of achieving this, and they should be applied at the same time. These things are saving your money, and making more money. This is where Matthew Soldier’s talents become most handy, as he swoops in to show you ways in which you can be more cost-efficient while also harboring growth for you and/or your company.

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