Public Advocate for the Humane Treatment of Livestock

As senior food policy director for the Humane Society of the United States, Matt Prescott strives to improve the treatment of farm animals within the worldwide food industry. He addresses the issue with a combined approach that includes collaboration with corporate food producers as well as advocacy and awareness efforts targeted at shareholders. Matt Prescott also draws on extensive experience communicating with financial and investment groups as well as other nongovernment organizations (NGO's).

Featured by such prominent media outlets as CNN and The Wall Street Journal, Matt Prescott has commented publicly on companies' efforts to improve humane treatment. In 2011, he praised Subway's move to source eggs from cage-free and humanely treated chickens. His 2014 editorial to The New York Times urged social media users to thank major food companies for requiring that producers cease the inhumane practice of confining pigs in restrictively small cages. Mr. Prescott also stands out as a contributing author to Live Science, where he has lauded the efforts of Nestle in its implementation of humane practices in its global supply chain.