Maureen Edwards from Baltimore Maryland Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for

Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland has spent her career studying ways to make businesses more successful through the examination of market trends and innovate ideas. She has been extremely successful due to her hard work, dedication, and creative thinking. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland is able to assist companies no matter what size they are, how many employees they have, or what industry they are in. She has even successfully launched two products of her own invention and saw the process through to international distribution. She is passionate about marketing and how consumers will behave and influence companies. One way she learns about this is through the careful examination of marketing trends. This helps her give advice to business owners on ways they can grow their company and beat out the competition.

One of the biggest emerging trends is the use of video advertisements. Although the concept isn’t new, there has been a large increase in their prevalence over recent years. Internet giants like Google and Facebook are watching this trend and reacting to it. Google now includes video content in its search engine algorithm and Facebook has been offering video ads to business for some time.

Another trend that continues to grow is the dominance of mobile over desktop usage for many consumers. More and more people are reaching for mobile devices, like smartphone and tablets, instead of tradition desktop or laptop computers for everyday internet usage. Companies should embrace this trend and get mobile-friendly as fast as possible. Google has embraced this market trend and now factors in a website’s mobile-friendliness in its algorithm.

Wearable technology is another game changer that is impacting the way consumers spend and act. The trends indicate that wearable tech, like smart watches, will continue to increase and companies would be smart to get ahead of this still semi-new trend. Formatting websites to provide the best on-the-go information that can be wearable tech will set them apart from counterparts that are slower to embrace this new technology.

Whether it is wearable tech or video ads taking over webpages, companies should be aware of emerging trends and take advantage of them to get ahead of their competitors. Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland examines and understand trends like these to give her client’s advice on where to spend valuable advertising dollars and what markets to invest in.

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