Mauro Nannini

Real Estate Investment Leader in Florida

An experienced real estate entrepreneur and financial professional, Mauro Nannini established 4N Development Company in Miami, Florida, in 2001, shortly after the end of a successful tenure as director of the Astra Real Estate Fund. There, Mauro Nannini optimized company funds with write-downs of overvalued assets and investments in high-potential distressed properties. By the end of his tenure, he had effectively reduced risk and driven profitability through a successful restructuring effort.

Mauro Nannini began his career in Venezuela. A graduate of the civil engineering program at the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, he entered the field of finance and received his stock broker license in 1990. Since that time, he has served in high-responsibility roles with a variety of institutions, including Geninvest and CA House Invest Capital Exchange. Now focused on real estate investment, Mr. Nannini combines his in-depth market acumen with his knowledge of the investment processes to develop and promote real estate projects across South Florida.

South Florida’s Real Estate Market

A seasoned real estate development professional, Mauro Nannini founded 4N Development Co., LLC, in 2001. Mauro Nannini focuses on the promotion and development of the south Florida real estate market.

In August of 2014, ABC News reported that 67 condo towers were in the process of construction in the south Florida region. The substantial quantity of developments is a reflection that the south Florida market has officially bounced back from the recession of 2007. Additionally, delinquency rates on commercial mortgage-backed securities and loans have shown a gradual decline since the end of 2012 for all commercial property types. As of June of 2014, delinquency rates had dropped 2.6% from the previous year’s rate of 8.65%. Furthermore, seriously delinquent rates dropped from 8.37% to 5.92% in the same year.

On the positive side, Loopnet reported in July of 2014 that commercial real estate prices are back on the rise. Within one year, office buildings have increased by 14.7%, while multifamily properties saw a 15.9% boost.

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